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Coffee & Kettlebells

Aug 23, 2019

Has your experience with menopause affected the quality of your life? It doesn’t have to!  

 I’ve worked with countless clients at Burn Boot Camp who are so frustrated by menopause. They feel like their hormones are all messed up, their metabolism is way too slow and all they are doing is just gaining weight. In this episode, menopause expert, Amanda Thebe, busts the top menopause myths, as well as provides us an action plan for taking control of our menopausal symptoms. 

Amanda also explains the three different stages of menopause. She says, “So many women have no idea the symptoms they are experiencing–such as achy joints, incontinence or depression–are directly related to perimenopause, which is the first stage of menopause.” That’s why she explains in depth the most common signs and symptoms of each stage, as well as how to combat them.  

It's possible to become your fittest self at any age. It's possible to reduce your symptoms to ensure menopause doesn't hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself. 

What Else You’ll Learn about Menopause:  

  • All about hot flashes  
  • The most problematic stage of menopause 
  • What’s going on with your hormones 
  • Weight gain and weight loss during menopause  
  • Importance of recovery and stress management  
  • How often you should be working out and at what intensity  
  • The ins and outs of hormonal therapy (hrt) and Amanda’s personal opinion

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