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Coffee & Kettlebells

May 27, 2019

Our keep moving series continues today with Abbey Daily. Today, Abbey shares her story about her struggle with perfectionism, unworthiness and depression. As a child, Abbey struggled with perfectionism in and out of the classroom. This continued into high school and plateaued in college where she felt extremely unworthy and had suicidal thoughts. Abbey takes us through her journey to get healthy and shares with us why you need to talk about your depression and find things and people that lift you up


What You’ll Learn:

  • Using exercise as a tool to boost mood and mental health
  • How to open up and talk to others about your depression
  • The little decisions you make everyday add up in the long run
  • The importance of having positive role models
  • Why it’s bad to move from one obsession to another obsession
  • How to separate yourself from your thoughts


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