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Coffee & Kettlebells

May 20, 2019

Today, Jasmine Laura shares her inspiring story with us and teaches us that we can all be more resilient when faced with the unexpected. After becoming a mother at 17 years old and unable to lose her pregnancy weight, Jasmine turned to Burn Bootcamp to get back in shape. This led her to develop healthy habits and implement more discipline into her life. This life shift set off a chain reaction and eventually Jasmine quit her secure job, to follow her dream of becoming a makeup artist.

What You'll Learn

  • The struggle of being a young mom
  • How to find a strong support system
  • Asking yourself the question: “Who is the person I want to be?”
  • Uncovering life lessons from past mistakes and moving on
  • How to cultivate a strong mindset through goal setting
  • Why you should follow your dream
  • The importance of food prep
  • How body positivity can change your life

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