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Coffee & Kettlebells

Apr 22, 2019

Today we’re talking about taking things personally. We all can be selfish and assume that everything has to do with us. But when others are cutting you down and being rude to you in the workplace or in society, it’s often because they have an internal conflict and they’re taking it out on you. We don’t know what everyone is going through in their personal life and maybe your success and/or actions have caused jealousy or insecurity in another person and they lashed out at you because they feel inferior. Everyone has bad days, so stop thinking that you did something wrong or that they feel a certain way about you. Their lashing out is most likely because they’re upset with themselves in that moment. When you come across someone who’s being rude or short with you, I encourage you to confront them about it a non-aggressive way and nip it in the bud before you begin to hold a grudge. In this episode, I’m going to discuss different areas in our lives where we can stop taking things personally and stop thinking everyone else’s actions are directed at us. I assure you that once you do this, you’ll be able to live your life with greater ease and more joy and happiness.


Key Takeaway: When you stop taking things personally, you will experience much more joy and happiness in your life.



  • Projecting your own anger or insecurities onto others
  • Watching others succeed can cause your own jealousy to come out
  • How to develop thick skin
  • Take a breath before acting on your emotions
  • When someone is rude to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was something you did


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