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Coffee & Kettlebells

Apr 15, 2019

A lot of us say “yes” to things that we really don’t want to do, myself included. Today I’m talking about why it’s okay to say “no.” If you want more time, freedom and energy, you have to start saying “no” to the things that don’t serve you and your goals. You don’t have to make excuses and explain yourself. It’s okay to just say “no” and go on with your life. Staying true to yourself will allow you to live the life you desire.


Key Takeaway: Saying “no” is the ultimate self-care



  • Saying “yes” because we think it makes us a good person
  • Feeling drained because of saying “yes” to everyone and not leaving personal time
  • Take the time to do what makes you happy
  • Evaluate if saying “yes” brings you closer to your goal or further away from your goal
  • Say “yes” if it makes you feel your best
  • Determining your core values

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