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Coffee & Kettlebells

Feb 22, 2019

Through darkness comes light and on today’s episode I’m talking to Molly Stillman about how hitting rock bottom helped her rise to the top. Molly is the host of the Business with Purpose podcast as well as the Still Being Molly blog, both aimed towards inspiring women to live a life of purpose.

While Molly is now a successful business owner and leader in the women’s community, life wasn’t always this way. Molly’s mother died during Molly’s senior year of high school. It was due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam where she was working as a nurse to our troops. This led her down a dark path where she used spending money as coping mechanism. After getting $36,000 dollars in debt and still not having processed her grief, Molly felt hopeless, alone and like she had hit rock bottom. 

Key Takeaway: Understand that it is ok to ask for help. 


  • Opening up about dark times 
  • Growing up fast, by taking care of mom 
  • Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam 
  • Unprocessed grief  
  • Getting $36,000 into debt 
  • Feeling incapable of success 
  • Meeting future husband and attending church
  • Deciding what is worth your time 
  • Manifesting greatness and stopping doubts 

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Website: Still Being Molly 

Facebook: Molly Stillman 

Instagram: @stillbeingmolly 

Podcast: Business With Purpose 

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