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Coffee & Kettlebells

Oct 28, 2019

I know so many of us mother’s want our children’s diet to be filled with all the healthiest foods. And, I also know when our children’s diets don’t go as we planned and they consume foods that are less than healthy, many of us feel like we are failing as mothers 

Well, if you think it is realistic to get your child to eat healthy all the time, I’m going to be honest with you: You are holding yourself to an impossible standard 

As my husband, Devan, and I are both personal trainers and the founders of a fitness company, we originally felt this same pressure to raise children with 100% clean diets. After having children, our food philosophy for them has changed and we are completely okay with it!  

Our philosophy now is more focused on educating our daughter on the basic principles of nutrition, rather than focused on forcing or restricting any foods in her diet. We try our best for her to understand the difference between “yummy” foods, as we like to call it, and healthy foods.  

We want to raise a child that has a happy and healthy relationship with all foods, and we believe restricting or forcing any foods can trigger the opposite effect. Instead, we allow her to decide what she does and doesn’t want to eat, and then do our best to offset the “yummy” foods with healthier foods whenever possible. 

Do you have a picky eater in your household?  

Tune into the full episode if want to hear more about my food philosophy for my kids. 

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