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Coffee & Kettlebells

Jan 1, 2020

Back with us today is Dr. Jolene Brighten!

Dr. Jolene Brighten is a prominent expert in women’s medicine and leads the world in the emerging science of Post-Birth Control Syndrome — studying the effects of hormonal birth control on female health. 

Dr. Brighten and I are both strong advocates for empowering women to feel their best. The reality is this, within the US, only 17 states require sex education to be accurate! Isn't that crazy? You deserve to understand your own body! 

If you're someone like me who has been on birth control for 5, 10, 15 years, this one is for you! We break down the steps and best practices when it comes to making decisions for your body. Dr. Brighten answers these questions below, and so many more! 

  • What are the steps to get off birth control?
  • What other options are out there for natural birth control?
  • What are synthetic hormones + how do they affect your body and your cycle?
  • Are there dietary or lifestyle changes that I can make to help my body recover from birth control. 
  • How can you address your hormonal imbalance?
  • What does the gut have to do with everything?

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