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Coffee & Kettlebells

May 13, 2020

It’s time for you to be your best self. This quarantine may have thrown you for a loop, and I am so excited to be back recording on the podcast, sharing how to put yourself back on your to-do list.

I am thrilled to welcome Jacki Carr. Jacki is a Mama, goal coach, motivational speaker, leadership consultant, hiker and so much more. She’s on faculty for Lightyear Leadership, a movement in personal power and wholeness, vision, goal-setting and leadership training.

Jacki started a big part of her career at the powerhouse company, lululemon, where she learned a lot about leadership, people relations, public speaking and more. Jacki talks about her big pivot from working in Hollywood to working with spandex.

Today we lead with rocking the pivot and rocking the change, now more than ever. Sometimes we are forced to pivot and other times, we choose to pivot. Wherever you are at, whatever vision you have, it takes self-belief, confidence and open-mindedness to make it happen.

We talk about so many things today:

  • How big pivots are worth it, regardless of how scary it is
  • How lululemon athletica was a lot more than spandex and why Jacki left a very comfortable job
  • Brands that create emotional connections
  • Your purpose, your passion, your goals .. those can change often
  • Catching yourself off guard by your own personal power
  • The gnarly mental battle of motherhood, and how it threw Jacki for a loop
  • Understanding “BUSY” - Because You Said Yes
  • Accepting burnout with grace
  • The difference between Jacki Carr and @Jackicarr
  • The power of movement
  • ...and so much more

Grab a notebook and listen in. There are so many shining star statements in this podcast that will help you navigate anytime, especially this time living through the uncertainty of quarantine.

Once you tune in, be sure to DM me and let me know what your biggest takeaway is because I know that I learned so many great things from this conversation with Jacki.

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