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Coffee & Kettlebells

Feb 25, 2019

After opening up and being vulnerable in episode 57: My Story: How I Overcame My Body Image Obsession, I had countless women who shared their obsession with me and asked for further help on how to overcome it. So, in this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I am solo answering all your questions related to body image, diet and exercise obsession. Be sure to tune into episode 66: Body Image, Diet and Exercise Obsession Part 2.  

Questions I answer in this episode:

  • How should I approach a friend or family member about over exercising and under eating?
  • What can I do to stop feeling like I need to hop on every new diet trend?
  • How can I break my food addiction?
    What does the 80/20 rule actually look like?
  • How can I learn to love my body after having a c-section?
  • How can I protect my kids from having a negative self image?

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