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Coffee & Kettlebells

Jul 17, 2019

So many of us are hyper focused on the extra five or ten pounds we need lose or that six pack we think we need to have, and it causes us to develop a highly destructive relationship with our bodies. We become so concerned about the way our body looks, we completely take our bodies for granted. We take for granted our ability to run, walk and even just move. Our negative-self talk surrounding our body image prevents us from celebrating how lucky we are to have bodies that can do all the things they can do. 

In this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I chat with the CEO of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Lynn Vos, who helps put this into perspective for us. Lynn explains the physical limitations those struggling with neuromuscular diseases battle daily. When we realize that not everyone has the ability to move, it makes us realize what a real privilege it is and shows us how fortunate we truly are. 

I hope after listening to this episode, you will stop and ask yourself, is having an “extra five pounds” really that big of a deal? Is having that six pack really that important? At the end of the day, you have the freedom to move your muscles and that alone should be enough to love your body.  

If you are touched by this episode, and feel inspired by those battling neuromuscular diseases, join me in donating to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Let’s be their muscle together and raise money to help them experience the greatness life has to offer, despite their physical limitations. If you are ready to celebrate your body’s endless capabilities, I would love for you to donate here.