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Coffee & Kettlebells

Feb 24, 2020

If I have learned one thing on this wild ride, I've learned that mindset is everything. I want you to work on training the voice inside your head to speak with respect to yourself and others. I want you to become an optimist! 

I've gone through times in life where I was letting others rob me of my joy, taking my optimism with them. Today, I've made a commitment that I am in control of living my own life in a happy, fulfilling way. 

Here are some of my tips when it comes to working your way toward optimistic living: 

  • Make a mental note every time you have a negative thought. You may be surprised how many pass through your head on a daily basis. 
  • Think about what optimism really means. Don't ignore your stress, rethink how you respond to those stressors. 
  • Begin each day from a place of gratitude. 
  • You are the company that you keep. 

Optimism is a choice. 

Interested in more about mental health? Check out my podcast, Destigmatizing Mental Health!

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