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Coffee & Kettlebells

May 17, 2019

Today I have Dr. Will Cole on the show. Dr. Cole is a leading functional-medicine expert, specializing in investigating the underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing health programs for people with autoimmune conditions. Dr. Cole is a health expert and course instructor for two of the world’s largest wellness brands, mindbodygreen and goop. He's also authored two books, Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum. Today, he talks with me about how his Ketotarian diet can impact your life.

What You’ll Learn

How to tailor your health to your individual needs and struggles

Ketotarian: the (mostly) plant-based plan

Carb cycling

Learning to love your body

How health intertwines with self-care and self-love

Unhealthy Keto approaches

Walking away from the politicizing of food and wellness

The definition of healthy fats

What a Keto breakfast lunch and dinner looks like


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