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Coffee & Kettlebells

Sep 23, 2019

It’s easy to fall victim to our busy lives. We let our health and fitness routines get pushed aside and begin to feel so far from our best selves. We feel unenergized, unmotivated and all around not good. 

Many of us reach a breaking point where we want to stop feeling this way and find the motivation to begin making positive changes in our lifestyle. We tell ourselves we are going to eat healthier and work out more. We usually stick with it for a week or two, sometimes even a month, before we allow life to get in the way. Before we know it, we find ourselves returning to our unhealthy habits and feeling less than our best again.  

We tell ourselves we’ll start again tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and we still don’t have the motivation. Now we’ll start on Monday, and the pattern continues to repeat itself. Monday comes and our motivation is still lacking. At this point we vow to start again after a certain holiday, vacation or event. We fall into this vicious cycle of continuing to find excuses for putting off living a healthier lifestyle. Before we know it, a year has passed, and we are still stuck in the same place.  

Something we all need to realize is that there will always be an excuse. There will never be that perfect time to start. We will always be tired and busy. Life will always be in the way if we allow it to be.  

So how do we find the motivation to not only start living a healthier lifestyle, but to create a long-term healthy lifestyle and sticks? 

That’s the exact question I answer in this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells. It’s time to be empowered to get and stay motivated once and for all! Time flies and next year will be here before we know it. My goal with this episode is for you to look at yourself one year from now with no regrets and instead be so proud of the person you have become. 

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