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Coffee & Kettlebells

Sep 19, 2019

Real talk: Who else is confused about what to buy at the grocery store? With so many different labels found on food packages, from grass-fed, organic and free-range, to low-fat, high-protein and gluten-free, grocery shopping can be so overwhelming.  

What do these labels mean? Which labels should we be looking for? Which labels matter and which ones don’t? Navigating these labels makes figuring out what to buy at the grocery store so confusing.  

Food marketers have done an amazing job trying to trick us into believing their products are healthier for you than they actually are by using fancy buzzwords like “low-fat”. Unfortunately, most of us fall for it! 

I'll let you in on a few little secrets these food marketers don’t want you to know: Low-fat isn’t a label you should look for, high-protein doesn’t automatically mean it’s healthy, and you don’t have to eat organic to see results. Mind blowing, right?  

Want to learn more about exactly what you should be buying at the grocery store? This episode of Coffee & Kettlebells is for you. Guest Kevin Curry does an amazing job explaining the ins and outs of different foods labels, making grocery shopping a whole heck of a lot simpler for us, especially those of us on a budget! Kevin, author of the Fit Men Cook cookbook and a popular Instagram health influencer, spells out exactly which food labels we need to look for and which ones we can just ignore. 

The next time you are at the grocery store, you’ll be thankful you listened to this episode! 


What you’ll learn:  

Common food label buzzwords and what they actually mean  

Healthy shortcuts you can take when shopping on a budget  

Whether or not you should pay more for organic foods 

Which foods you should always buy at the highest quality  

Why you don’t want to eat low-fat foods 

The truth about high-protein foods 

Kevin’s top tips for making the healthiest choices at the grocery store 


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Find more from Kevin:  

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