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Coffee & Kettlebells

Mar 4, 2020

It’s fair to say that mothers were the inspiration for Burn long before Devan and I were even parents ourselves. All too often, we saw women putting the needs of others before their own- children, spouses, employers, and coworkers. And while motherhood and selflessness are often intertwined, you can’t pour from an empty cup. The seed that started the fastest growing fitness franchise sprung from the notion that women need to set aside time for their own well-being to lead a healthy and balanced life.

We’ve worked towards this end for the last eight years, and continue to do so with passion and drive. But we know that by directly marketing to women, and particularly mothers, we have a responsibility to build both safe and effective workouts at every stage: prenatal, postnatal, and through menopause… we’ve got you! 

From complimentary child watch to custom modifications for your goals, we strive to make the experience exactly what every individual needs. Burn Boot Camp is transforming communities nationwide and changing the way people think about fitness. Start your complimentary 14-Day Test Drive today! You can sign up online:

Do you have questions about Burn Nation, motherhood, workouts during pregnancy, and more, I am always here to help. DM me anytime on Instagram; you can find me: @morgan.a.kline!