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Coffee & Kettlebells

Jun 8, 2018

In this very special episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I'm here with guest Devan Kline, renowned personal trainer, the Founder and CEO of Burn Boot Camp, and...oh, my wonderful husband! We chat about tons of things, including:

  • The story behind Burn Boot Camp
  • What it takes to be successful
  • The tools Devan uses to help thousands of women transform their lives
  • Some of his favorite tips on developing a healthy lifestyle from his upcoming book, "Stop Starting Over"
  • AND the secrets to making marriage a priority between juggling two young kids and running one of the nation's fastest growing fitness franchises!

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Check out Devan's daily fitness and nutrition tips on Instagram here: @Devan.Kline

What You'll Learn:

Burn Boot Camp’s story - 3:40

How to turn failures into success - 6:15

Why people don’t reach their goals - 16:15

How Devan starts each new client on their health and fitness journey - 24:09

Why you shouldn’t do fad diets and instead focus on macronutrients for transformation - 24:09

Devan’s recommendation for macronutrient breakdowns - 33:50

Why you don’t need to always count your calories - 34:45

The foundation for every diet - 36:50

About Devan’s book: Stop Starting Over - 40:00

How to stay positive no matter the circumstances - 44:14

Devan’s number one piece of advice for achieving your health - 53:45

How to prioritize your marriage when live gets crazy - 56:11

How often you should train and how to see better results - 1:03:05

How you balance eating healthy when your spouse doesn’t - 1:05:50


Devan’s podcast: The Devan Kline Show

Devan’s book: Stop Starting Over

Devan’s at-home workouts: H.E.A.T.

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