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Coffee & Kettlebells

May 25, 2018

In this episode of Coffee & Kettlebells, I'm here with guest Brandi Roberts, a certified personal trainer who trains clients at Burn Boot Camp's Tega Cay, South Carolina and Steele Creek, North Carolina locations. Join us as we chat about breaking an exercise obsession and the negative effects of over-exercising. 

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Episode Breakdown:

  • On the beginning of guest Brandi Roberts’ love and passion for fitness (1:47)
  • On muscle growth and how your muscles respond to overtraining (4:20)
  • On the role of rest when building lean muscle (5:03)
  • On the negative effects of overtraining and over-exertion (5:57)
  • On Morgan Kline’s struggle with undereating and overtraining (8:25)
  • On how overtraining affects your metabolism (10:15)
  • On the quality of exercise versus the quantity (12:45)
  • On how often you should work out (13:30)
  • On how often you should work your muscle groups (17:35)
  • On how to avoid exercise burnout (19:50)
  • On overcoming an exercise obsession and having the right mindset (21:29)
  • On how nutrition is more important than fitness (27:30)
  • On why you shouldn’t reward yourself with food (30:25)
  • On establishing healthy nutrition habits and eating with intention (33:43)
  • Brandi’s top 3 tips for weight loss and building muscle (46:50)

Listener Questions:

  • What do you do with your kids when you’re doing an at-home workout? (51:45)
  • How do you quickly improve your pull-ups? (52:55)
  • What are the best on-the-go snacks for a busy mom with four kids? (55:12)

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