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Coffee & Kettlebells

Aug 26, 2019

Do you follow people on social media whose bodies you are completely envious of? And does seeing their posts of their rocking body make you feel worse about your own?

Before you praise someone for what their body looks like, first ask yourself: Are they taking a healthy approach to fitness? What do you really know about what is behind that “perfect” body? We shouldn’t celebrate or be envious or inspired by someone’s perfect-looking body until we know what is really behind their fitness success. Why? Just because someone looks great, doesn’t mean they are healthy.

People will take extreme measures to get fit, disregarding their health altogether. They can be the fittest person in the world—with perfectly sculpted legs and six-pack abs, able to do 500 burpees in a row and squat an insane amount of weight—but that does not necessarily mean they are healthy.

In this episode, I explain what it means to be fit, what it means to be healthy and how, in some cases, there can be a huge difference. Plus, I talk you through the long-term damage you can do to your body when you prioritize being fit over being healthy.


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