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Coffee & Kettlebells

Apr 19, 2019

Today Anna Collins joins me on the podcast. Collins is the president and COO of Bulletproof 360. She’s a transformational leader who has pioneered and scaled new business at some of the worlds biggest multi-billion dollar companies, such as Microsoft and CVS Health. Now, as the president of Bulletproof 360, Collins has made it her mission to help create products and provide information that radically improves lives. She’s a mother, a wife, a boss and a living example that women can achieve greatness in their career and on the home front. Today we’re going to be talking about work-life balance, tips for achieving high goals, determining your non-negotiables and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while running a business and taking care of your family. Collins shares some personal testimonials about persevering through failure in sport and career.


Key Takeaway: Always ask for what you want, don’t take yourself so seriously and determine what the definition of success is for you.



  • Determining what success means to you
  • Time, talent and treasure and where to spend these valuable assets
  • Learning lessons from failing, losing and hardship
  • The correlation between business and sport
  • Negating risk and comparing worst-case scenarios
  • Balancing work, life and family
  • Assessing a career paths based on a company’s values and culture
  • Diet and exercise habits
  • Using supplements to aid in nutrition and recovery

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