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Coffee & Kettlebells

Apr 12, 2019

77: The Most Nutrient-Dense Superfood in the World with Catharine Arnston


Today I sit down with Catharine Arnston, the CEO, chief science officer and founder of ENERGYbits. We discuss the health benefits of an unlikely superfood: algae. Arnston first became inspired to start this company 10 years ago, when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. When her doctor insisted that she begin an alkaline diet, Arnston began researching and stumbled across algae, which is the most nutrient-dense superfood in the world. Since then, Arnston has dedicated her life to teaching the public just how beneficial algae can be for your overall health and well-being. These benefits are largely due to the nutrient profile present within algae, as it provides your body with all the vitamins and minerals that it needs to stay healthy. All of the algae sold by ENERGYbits are ketogenic and high in protein, contain essential fatty acids and provide essential nutrients that most people don’t receive in their normal diets.


Key Takeaway: Algae is a superfood that can assist with overall health and wellness, meeting athletic goals, receiving your daily vitamins and minerals, improving your immune system, fighting chronic illnesses and much more.



  • ENERGYbits sells algae tablets that provide energy, satisfy hunger, help after workouts, assist with wellness and much more.
  • In the past, the United Nations has declared that algae could be the solution to world hunger because it’s incredibly nutrient-dense and is a sustainable crop.
  • Legislators are also beginning to realize the power behind algae, as they recently passed the Algae Agriculture Act, which encourages farmers to grow it.
  • Spirulina gives you energy because it contains B vitamins, your daily requirement of K2, protein, essential minerals, amino acids and more. In addition, it contains no added sugar, dairy, gluten or caffeine.
  • Chlorella is a wellness algae that gives you all the benefits of plants and none of the potential side effects. This form of algae heals cell walls, pulls out toxins, reintroduces minerals, builds the immune system and helps prevent heart diseases.
  • An in-depth explanation between the different products that can be found throughout ENERGYbits
  • The Centers for Disease Control says that most chronic illnesses stem from our bodies not receiving the nutrients and support they need. In order to assist with this, you can turn to algae in order to ensure that your body is receiving all of the vitamins, minerals and more.

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