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Coffee & Kettlebells

Apr 5, 2019

In this solocast, I discuss why you should ditch the scale for good and how you can replace it with healthier alternatives. The scale has traditionally been viewed as the best way to measure one’s health; however, it isn’t the best metric because it doesn’t take your overall health into account. Your typical scale doesn’t measure other influential aspects of your health, including nutrition, eating habits, exercise and sleep. If you’re currently on a weight loss journey, you should consider ditching the scale entirely and instead focusing on weekly progress photos and measuring your body fat percentage.


Key Takeaway: If you’re on a weight loss journey, consider ditching the scale because it can’t give you an accurate picture of your overall health and the number on the scale can become an obsession.


  • You should ditch the scale because it isn’t the best metric to measure your health, nutrition, exercise or overall fitness.
  • It is possible to lose body fat while gaining weight because muscle weighs more than fat. This is because muscle is dense, increases your metabolism and burns more calories.
  • A list of reasons you should ditch the scale and instead use more accurate metrics that will ensure that you don’t get fixated on a number on the scale
  • Listen to the cues that your body is giving you. Instead of focusing on what you physically look like, it might be helpful to focus on what you want your life to look like.


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