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Coffee & Kettlebells

Mar 29, 2019

In the first episode of a two-part series, I sit down with Dr. Jolene Brighten and dive into the topic of hormonal birth control and post-birth control syndrome. Dr. Brighten is a functional naturopathic doctor, nutritional biochemist and author of the newly released book, Beyond the Pill. In her new book, Dr. Brighten strives to provide women with accurate information regarding birth control, show support for those on the pill and offer tools that will balance hormones without the use of hormonal birth control. Dr. Brighten wrote this book as a way to educate women on their bodies while also fighting against myths and misinformation regarding menstruation and fertility. In addition, this episode discusses how women can start dismantling the gender bias within the medical industry by being aware of gaslighting, tracking their symptoms and being informed of medicinal alternatives.

Key Takeaway: By giving women all of the available information regarding hormonal birth control, they can make empowering decisions regarding their own health.


  • Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten gives readers information on birth control, supports women who choose to go on the pill and gives them the tools to balance their hormones through natural avenues.

  • Women should be learning about fertility, menstruation and their own bodies long before their first period comes. This helps them feel empowered and allows them to be active participants in their health.

  • Many women struggle when going off hormonal birth control and go through post-birth control syndrome. Unfortunately, traditional medicine has largely dismissed this, even though women have complained about post-birth control syndrome symptoms since the introduction of hormonal birth control.

  • A breakdown of what happens within your body on each day of your menstrual cycle

  • In order to gain a better understanding of your health, you can begin by tracking your menstrual cycle and recording your symptoms.

  • Medical gender bias is especially present in women’s medicine and hormonal birth control. Women can fight it by taking their health into their own hands, tracking their symptoms and being informed of their health and alternatives to hormonal birth control.

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