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Coffee & Kettlebells

Aug 5, 2019

I think we can all agree vegetables are a big part of eating a healthy diet and that most of us could benefit from including more into our diet. But, how often does the thought of eating yet another salad sound all that satisfying to you or your family? I feel you and I got you! This episode of Coffee & Kettlebells is all about making vegetables taste amazing! Whether you struggle to get yourself to enjoy the taste of vegetables, or you have picky eaters in your house, these five tips will have everyone reaching for seconds!

What you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake people make when trying to eat more vegetables
  • What it means to eat one serving of vegetables
  • How to build a delicious salad
  • Plus, four more simple ways to make vegetables taste good. 

To learn more about the amazing benefits of spirulina and chlorella, check out Episode 77: The Most Nutrient-Dense Superfood in the World with the CEO of EnergyBits. I always blend both into a protein smoothie. You can find my favorite protein powder here.


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