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Coffee & Kettlebells

Aug 19, 2019

 What do you do when you feel stuck on a fitness plateau?

The biggest mistake people make when stuck on a fitness plateau is working out more and eating less. And when they still aren't seeing the results they want to see, they think they need to work out more and more, and eat less and less. Despite what they may believe, these are the two worst things you can do when stuck on a fitness plateau.  

If this sounds like you, listen up! In this episode, I share five tips for helping you get over that stubborn fitness plateau. My tips most likely are the complete opposite of what you think you should be doing, but let me tell you, they have worked wonders with my clients in the past.  

The tips I share are practical, realistic and don’t include any quick-fix solutions. Implement them into your life today and you will never hit that annoying fitness plateau again! 

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